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Artisan Mixer Appears on Frasier

I was watching a rerun of Frasier on Channel 4 this morning while eating breakfast in my polka-dot jammies.

I thoroughly recommend this practice by the way but that’s not the point.

This was the episode ”A Lilith Thanksgiving” (Series 4 Episode 7), acknowledged as one of the classics. This is the one where Lilith and Frasier join forces to try to get their son accepted at a very posh Boston school. It’s set during Thanksgiving, so there are plenty scenes in Lilith’s Bostonian kitchen.

She has a lovely kitchen, very much in the New England style, with lots of wood, shelves and understated quality kitchen tools:

Frasier and co in Liliths Kitchen in Boston

Frasier and co in Liliths Kitchen in Boston

Have you spotted it yet?

That’s a white Artisan mixer on the right hand side behind Niles (photographs courtesy: Channel 4).

It’s perfectly in keeping with the feeling of understated wealth which Lilith represents. I think the Artisan is a little close to the refrigerator – a bit awkward to raise the mixer.

Here’s a better shot of Niles with the white Artisan:

Niles Beside Liliths White Artisan Mixer

Niles beside Liliths white Artisan mixer

Admittedly, Lilith’s Artisan is not as prominent in the plot as the turkey she forces Niles to prepare, but you can see it is used here to establish a little bit about Lilith’s personality. She may be a Bostonian ice queen, but she sure has a lovely kitchen. The choice of white is very classy and again, understated.

I will leave the last word to Lilith and one of Bebe Neuwirth’s superb cold stares:

Cold stare from Lilith

Cold stare from Lilith

No doubt Lilith would don blue plastic gloves before touching the Artisan, but I like the fact that she is comfortable in her own kitchen – even when Frasier is there.

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